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Sun Burst Sterling Silver Ring

Sun Burst Sterling Silver Ring

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100% Sterling Silver Ring

*This ring is CASTED and SOURCED from a highly respected jewelry supply company* 

 - Most items will come "blackened" which is a process where the silver is chemically darkened called patina for a darker look. This WILL come off over a LONG period of time, but,it is to be expected with any patina-ed silver -

- Please make sure to THOROUGHLY read the listing before purchasing, ALL SALES ARE FINAL - 

-Treat your jewelry like you treat any PRIZED POSSESSION. Before washing your hands, doing any strenuous activities, or working with any type of LIQUIDS, remove your ring. Silver is a very tough metal, but can still be subjected to different reactions from it's surroundings as can the patina that is placed on each piece -

-All pieces come packaged in a HAND EMBOSSED GIFT BOX -