SaraAtMidnight is a ONE WOMAN OWNED and RAN business created by the artist  Cindy Collins. When creating she's inspired by NATURAL INSTINCT and INTUITION to bring pieces to LIFE. Just like her personality and look, she creates some of the most LARGEST, LOUDEST, and INSANELY WILD statement pieces around. She is SELF TAUGHT and began her journey with assembling/designing jewelry in the SUMMER of 2015. Then in the LATE FALL of 2016 she officially started teaching herself to SILVERSMITH.

Outspoken and REAL, she makes a strong point on her SOCIAL MEDIA and in her day to day about telling the REAL LIFE STORY of an artist. The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY. Letting people know that EVERY part OF LIFE is VALID and COMPLETELY necessary.

INSTAGRAM: @saraatmidnight

She resides in SEATTLE, WA with here HUSBAND and 4 FURCHILDREN.