Q : Can you RESIZE a ring in the shop if it isn't in my size?
A : Unfortunately with how I set and design my pieces, I am unable to resize the rings in my shop.
Q : Do you offer PAYMENT PLANS
A : I do not offer payment plans at this time.
Q : Do you accept RETURNS/EXCHANGES?
A : All sales are final and I strongly advise buyers to make sure to thoroughly read the listing before making a purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Q : Can I place a CUSTOM ORDER?
A : No. I only create MADE TO ORDER pieces. Please refer to the MADE TO ORDER PAGE to see how it works.
Q: How long will it take to PROCESS MY ORDER?
A : All orders upon completed payment are shipped out within 3-5 business days from my EVERYDAY COLLECTION, MTO items ship out in 3 WEEKS and each come with a tracking number provided from USPS.
Q: I live in a country that charges IMPORT FEES can you put a lower price on my package so I don't have to pay as much?
A: No. This would be mail fraud and would end my business instantly if I participated in this action. Please do your research before you make a purchase so you are prepared to pay the fees upon delivery.
Q: Do you offer WHOLESALE?
A : Due to the high demand of my products and the time it takes to make them, I do not offer wholesale.
Q : I have not RECEIVED MY PACKAGE even though its been marked as delivered, what should I do next?
A : The next best thing is to contact your local post office/go online to let them know that the package wasn't delivered. If after double checking and you still are unsure of its whereabouts, I would suggest you file a claim through USPS. Unfortunately after the package leaves me, I am not responsible for refunding or replacing the item.
If the item comes back to me because the wrong address was written, I am not responsible for paying the shipping costs to re-send the package. The buyer is responsible at checkout to make sure that the address is correct.
Q : I DAMAGED MY JEWELRY, can you fix it?
A : Mistakes happen, we are all human! If a piece is damaged please feel free to contact me to discuss what to do next. Please note that a repair and shipping fee will be charged upon completion.
Q : How do I  PROPERLY TAKE CARE of my jewelry?
A : Treat your jewelry like you treat any PRIZED POSSESSION. Before washing your hands, doing any strenuous activities, or working with any type of LIQUIDS, just to be on the safe side, remove your jewelry. Silver is a very tough metal, but can still be subjected to many different reactions from it's surroundings as well as the patina that is put on each piece. To keep your pieces looking like new, I also suggest to always remove your jewelry before bed and when you are not wearing the jewelry, to make sure to store it in a jewelry friendly box or bag.
Q : Can I MAKE A PAYMENT that doesn't go through your website or have you invoice me for payments?
No. All payments must come through my website for my PROTECTION.
Q : The QUESTION I have is not listed here, how can I get in contact with you?
A : Always feel free to contact me via the CONTACT page on my website. Please expect up to 5 business days for replies.